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Diefenderfer Auction Company

The company is family owned and operated by Mary & Charlie Diefenderfer. Mary & Charlie reside in Laureldale from where Charlie was raised since childhood. Mary is a transplanted West Virginian and moved to Pennsylvania over 5 years ago.

The company was founded in 2000 and has since grown to 8 part time employees which perform all the necessary functions to make the Diefenderfer Auction Company an auction company on the cutting edge of the auction industry in Berks County, Pa.. Being family oriented allows us to give you personalized service instead of being just another lot number!!! We treat you like we like to be treated. NO DIFFERENCE!!!!!

Charlie is the chief auctioneer and auction manager. Charlie graduated from the Mendenhall Auction School in 1986 and received his initial auction license in South Carolina the same year. Since Charlie was employed as a nuclear spare parts engineer, he traveled all over the eastern United States. In 1989, he moved to Illinois and in 1992, he opened the West Wall Auction Company in Morrison, IL.. Then in 1995, he opened an auction facility in Fulton and operated this auction facility, as well as holding on-site auctions in Illinois and Iowa, till 1999 when he closed down this facility and moved back to his native Pennsylvania and founded the Diefenderfer Auction Company. Charlie graduated from the Reading Area Community College Pennsylvania Auctioneering Course in 2000 and received his Pennsylvania auctioneer license that same year. And the rest is history!!!

Charlie has been involved in the antiques and collectible business since 1973 when he began buying and selling Depression Glass. He founded Diefenderfer’s Collectibles and Antiques that same year and jointly operated the business with father Charlie JR and mother Martha until 2003 when the business was closed.

Mary is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the auction business, is the office manager and company accountant!!! WHEW!!!!! Mary was born and raised in the southern mountains of West Virginia. Her love of antiques, and especially glassware, were a perfect match with her husband Charlie. She is an accountant and resided in West Virginia working for her fathers accounting business and other local businesses for 15 years until Charlie met and proposed to her in the new millennium!!!

The Diefenderfer Auction Company specializes in glassware of the 20th century as well as all phases of the antique and collectible markets. We also perform complete estate liquidation, specialty auctions, real estate auctions, business liquidations and business inventory reduction auctions.

We maintain an active mailing list of over 4000 and growing names and addresses for direct mailings for upcoming auctions.

Each auction is carefully orchestrated to allow for optimum coverage with the least amount of expenditure on your behalf. We combine smaller lots into large auctions that we run monthly in Leesport, Pa.. We also perform on-site auctions when that is more cost effective for the seller. Every auction is unique onto its own and should be treated as such!!! No sale is too small or too large!!!

We tell you upfront costs and what to expect before, during and after the auction is complete. There are never any hidden fees and there will be no surprises at the end!!! Mary & I hate surprises and we assume you will too!! We maintain and encourage credit card sales at no cost to you the sellers. This allows buyers a greater flexibility in payment options and is a real blessing for the sellers.

Even though we do live auctions, we also do EBAY auctions for individuals that require more control than a live auction allows. This allows us to list the item, maintain control of the item, sell the items and pack & ship the item for the seller. Again, EBAY auctions are not for all selling occasions and will be discussed with you prior to a decision is to be made on your type of auction.

WE WANT YOU HAPPY!!!!! That is our motto and we will do everything in our power to ensure that your auction experience is a successful and profitable one that you will want to tell your friends, family and business associates about!!!!!



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